At a young age many African American females are taught to hate their natural hair. It has been referred to as nappy, unkempt, unwashed, dirty, and woolly. I was a victim of this, and yes I say victim, because I have learned that the hair that grows from our heads is anything but the names called above. I didn’t go natural until the age of 20, and even then I still knew little to nothing about my hair. When I was younger, I believed that only straight hair was beautiful, I hated my hair and any time my relaxer would grow out I’d slap one in to make sure I got rid of all kinks. I never ever thought about going natural, it was unheard of being natural hair was ugly. At least that’s what I thought. That was until I started doing some research on hair, wondering why black people couldn’t grow hair(which is entirely false btw). When I first went natural I didn’t understand why my hair didn’t look like the other girls, who had a more loose curl than I. So I relaxed my hair again after a year. It wasn’t until countless YouTube videos after that, I decided relaxed hair just is not what I want. So I did a second big chop and started my natural journey over again. I know so much more about my hair and I have learned natural kinkiness of it. Stay tuned for more about this journey.