Have Strength to go on….

An introduction to who I am

 Have strength to go on, something I tell myself everyday. When you feel beaten, broken and you feel like the world is against you, all you need is a little strength. When you’re like me, someone who doesn’t have a long life promised, you look for anything that can give you the motivation to wake up the next day. I never thought my life would turn out the way it did, not that it’s a bad life but it’s not the life I pictured for myself. When I was younger, I saw myself becoming a nurse. So when I was finally old enough to pursue that dream, I did. I started off college as a nursing major, I was so excited to finally to able to do something I always wanted, be away from home, all that good stuff. However, that dream was cut short. I wasn’t able to become a nurse due to health complications. I knew after finishing one semester that me being a nurse was not going to work out. It wasn’t going to work out because I have a condition known as Sickle Cell Anemia. Sickle Cell Anemia, in my own words, is a sickness that attacks the body causing excruciating pain in any location of the body. The attacks are called “crisis” and these crisis can have a variation of pain levels from mild pain to major pain. Because of these attacks which can occur at any time, normal activities are limited. Now saying this, sickle cell doesn’t stop me from living, I have learned myself and I am working on living a pain free life. Also as an African American female I have been on the path of discovering my natural roots within my hair, so I will also be sharing my natural hair journey within the site.

I want to share my life and my story with people of all types for encouragement, advice, tips or just for a good read. Welcome to my blog.


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